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What Sort of Features Will Vans in the Future Have?

posted on 23 June 2014 | posted in Future

It's fun to speculate on what kinds of features vans 10 and 20 years into the future will have - here are some ideas to consider:-


Electric Vans Only
No more petrol or diesel. Fuelling up will involve recharging your vehicle's batteries. Ostensibly this (should!) mean lower costs to run your van

On-board Computer
An on-board computer will help you with all kinds of things:-
  • it will give you a quick list of all the tools and materials currently present in the back of your van
  • it will tell you if you're missing any tools / materials for the job you're going to, and if you are, the nearest supplier you can pick up tools / materials from
  • a historical view of previous jobs done on the location you're going to (if information available)
No More MOTs
In the future, MOTs will be a thing of the past. Instead, the van itself will tell you when there's a potential problem emerging. It will keep nagging you until the issue is resolved. This could be anything from a tyre that needs more air in it, to a potential problem emerging from a component in the engine.

Perhaps the most glaring change will be your van will drive you to your destination by itself. OK, we're probably looking at least 20 years into the future here, but make no mistake, this WILL happen in the future. You can spend the drive time preparing for the job ahead.

Job Alerts
Your on-board computer will alert you whenever there's a potential job that you could go to. For example, somebody might report a pipe leak - all plumbers in a certain radius of the job itself will be alerted of the job. A win-win for provider and client - the provider gets to learn of new jobs, the client can get somebody quick to do the job.


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