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A ready made business opportunity

posted on 7 April 2022 | posted in News

Imagine a ready made business. Earning money straight out of the box from day dot!

…. One that doesn't require special skills or any investment into stock, machinery, staff, or premises.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, I can tell you I've been doing just that since 2003 with my website, and using a business model called Dropshipping. Let me explain, just in case you've not heard of that before. In short you promote and sell other companies products before you buy them. So there is no stock outlay. The purchased items are shipped directly to your customers from your supplier.

To give you an indication of just how viable this business model is. The website was launched in 2003. In 2006 I started to build a house rental portfolio. My target was to have eight mortgage free properties to give me a sufficient pension type income. Recently this target was achieved which is why is now for sale.

I've had over 36 years in this industry, and whilst it's my time to move on, those 36 years haven't been wasted. They were spent developing a customer base of over 20,000. Along with collating and "refining" the very best manufacturers and importers, to offer all their great products all under one. Which van dealers, fleet managers and convertors all love.

... And you're going to love this… (Click hear to read more)


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