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Tips to Help You Save Travel Time to Work

posted on 7 June 2014 | posted in Tips

One of the biggest bug bears with being a tradesman is the travel to and from work. Here are some tips to help you minimse the time you spend behind the wheel:-

  • if you're self-employed, make the most of that fact! You are not a nine to fiver. If someone wants you to do a job, get there before the rush hour stats - or even after the rush hour if it suits you. Remember also that you want to time your completion of the job to also avoid the evening rush hour too. Avoiding the two busiests times of the day on the road can save you at least an hour on average.
  • for bigger multi-day jobs that are quite far from your home, consider staying in accommodation nearby the job - it might cost a bit more, but it will save you so much time and hassle - you might even be able to finish the job earlier because of the extra hours you save
  • quoting for jobs - if you can, build up a list of jobs to quote for and do them all in one go. You can plan a route and it should (on average) save you time than going out and quoting for jobs individually
  • if you're a one-man operation, don't get tempted to do small jobs that are far away from your base - it's very easy to lose out on those jobs. Of course, it depends. If a small job can potentially lead to a bigger job, ignore this advice!

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