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Some Common Sense Tips on Lowering Your Fuel Costs

posted on 24 March 2014 | posted in Tips

While you NEED your van for your work, there are still ways to save money on fuel. Here are some simple tips that probably act more as reminders than fantastics insights!


Shop Around For a Cheap Petrol Station
Often it may be so convenient to buy your fuel at the small petrol station just up the road, but to save some money on fuel you may want to check the prices at other fuel stations that are nearby as well. Even if the difference is only a few pence, after putting hundreds of litres of fuel in your vehicle each year, those few pence are going to add up to quite a sum of money.

Take Care of Your Van
It is always important to take care of your van so it gets the best fuel mileage possible. Also be sure to plan where you are going before you go so you will not have to backtrack and waste fuel. If you can, you should use your air conditioning as little as possible because using it takes more fuel. Roll down your windows and you will use less fuel.

Check your Tyres
It is important that you check the air pressure in your tyres as often as possible. If your tyres are too low, or the pressure in them is unequal it can make your car burn more fuel. You should also be careful how you drive. If you take off from every red light very fast you are going to burn more fuel, so it is best to take off a little slower.

These are a few tips that can help the money conscious van driver to save money on fuel. Even as fuel prices drop, these tips can still help you to save more money. Conservation is important, so take advantage of these tips, save money, and save fuel.

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