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How Well Does Your Van Advertise Your Business?

posted on 10 April 2014 | posted in Tips

A typical van has two large sides that you can use to put signage up advertising your business. You've no doubt seen many examples of this from the various tradesman working in your area.

Although, it's a great way to advertise your business - there are many ways to do it poorly:-
  • poor contrast between the text and the background colour of the van - text is therefore hard to read
  • too much text - people want a simple message, not your personal biography
  • text is too small - related to the previous point - hard to read!
  • NO website address. This should be front-and-centre on your van
  • a freemail address advertised, such as Hotmail or Gmail - looks unprofessional and you don't really need an email address on the side of your van
  • they don't say what they actually do! For example Smith & Sons, 01234 567890. What do Smiths & Sons actually do? Use a strapline!
To sum up an effective way to advertise your services on your van:-
  • text should be kept to a minimum, as large as possible so it's easy to read
  • say what you do - don't just put your company name there
  • put a phone number on there
  • put your website address there
  • no real need for an email address
  • perhaps place a QR code for those who pass your parked van and want to access your website on their smartphone quickly
  • overall, keep it simple and easy to read and understand what it is you do, and how they can call you or get to your website.

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