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Plywood Van Lining

posted on 27 April 2011 | posted in News

For decades now it has become standard practice to have the inside of a new van boarded out with plywood. This procedure has many benefits. With immediate effect plywood van lining will insulate the van and deaden the normal drumming noise coming from the exposed panels.

However the biggest advantage comes years later. When it's time to resell the van. Some people (mostly employees) treat a van as shed on wheels. They'll have no idea of the many thousands of pounds the employer has committed to this investment... But that is exactly what a working van is. It's an investment an asset to any business large or small. So protecting its residual value should be the first thing any respected businessman should do. The plywood van lining doesn't just protect the inside of the van. It also protects the outside too. Insecure loads can soon smash against the inside with a transference dent on the outside.

An old trick that some van dealers use is to remove the plywood van lining out of a used van. This gives the illusion that the van has done nothing but carry feathers, and in addition opens up the potential to sell a plywood kit to the new owner.

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