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Is Your Van the Right Size?

posted on 16 June 2014 | posted in Tips

Most tradesmen start out as a one-man band. Starting small is sensible: you build up your business through word of mouth and generally doing good work. Some tradesmen need a large van from day one - just because of the materials and tools they use. On the other hand, some tradesmen like a larger van simply because they use it as a virtual storage unit that goes wherever they go. They may only need 20% of the tools / materials in the back of the van for any given job, but that's OK - because the next job requires other tools / materials the van stores. It might be argued that this just adds weight to the van and that makes it less fuel efficient, but it will save those extra miles of driving back to base.

But to know if your van is the right size is to have a good idea of how busy your business will be in the months ahead. If you're struggling for space in your small van, and things are only going to get busier, it may be time to invest in a bigger van, and get yourself some internald and external van racking. It's just easier for you to get a new van sooner than later (the worst time to do this is when you ARE really busy and already struggling for time to organize the purchase of a new van).

Conversely, you might find that as your business has evolved, you've specialised into doing specific lines of work that no longer require the big van you have. It may be wise to downsize and save money on fuel in that case.



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