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How Van Accessories Can Help Your Business

posted on 12 August 2010 | posted in News

How Van Accessories Can Help Your Business

Your van can sometimes seem like a major drain on your profits Ė but a few key van accessories can turn it into one of your businessís most prized assets.
Improve your productivity, efficiency and profits with our free van accessory tips.

1. Install a Lining
Fitting a ply lining is the basis of a good accessory system. It will protect your vanís skin from the wear and tear of being bashed with tools and equipment from the inside, saving you pounds on its resale value.

It also means you can then fit some further productivity-enhancing accessories:

2. Put Some Shelves In
Sick of never being able to find anything? Youíre not alone. The back of a tradesmanís van can quickly become a maze of tools and equipment, making finding things a nightmare.

Install some shelves and you can start putting the things you most often need in places where youíll always find them.

A wide range of shelving systems to suit all vans and all budgets is available.

Think about external accessories like side and roof racks as well as shelves for the inside of your van.

3. Consider Drawers
If you work with small items like screws or electrical components, drawers can be a life-saver.

If you currently use a free standing storage solution, you may find that you can find your tools and equipment using it Ė but that isnít the entire point.

Using an integrated drawer (or shelving) system will save space in your van, meaning you can fit more in it.

4. Think about Your Brand
Brands arenít just for multinational corporations. If your customers live in the area that you regularly drive around then your van is like a moving business card.

Have a professional, clean and tidy-looking van and youíll create the impression that youíre a professional, clean and tidy tradesman in your potential customersí minds.

Youíll also protect the resale value of your van to a certain extent.

Learn More About Van Accessories
Vanbitz is a dedicated supplier of van accessories offering the UKís largest selection of van accessories with free deliver. For more advice and a proven range of van accessory products, go to now to learn more.


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