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Make the Most of Time and Space with Van Racking and Accessories

posted on 12 August 2010 | posted in News

Make the Most of Time and Space with Van Racking and Accessories

Before any van racking and accessories are added, a van is really no more than an empty space than can be driven around. To maximise the use of space, and to save the owner both time and money, a working van needs to accessorise.

While roof racks might be the most common of all van accessories, enabling the van to carry extra long or cumbersome items like ladders, pipes and so on, it's the addition of internal van racking that can make the most difference to the everyday use of the van. Accessories like shelves, lockers and workbenches can be fitted to any commercial vehicle to make sure the owner gets the most out of his motorised toolbox.

Van Racking and Accessories Can Save Time

Installing van racking and accessories can have two benefits: firstly, it enables the user to organise and customise the van to suit his or her needs. Most internal van racking is designed to be modular, making the most efficient use of space and ensuring that nothing is there that doesn't need to be. This not only means that more can be stored in the van than if it were just piled up in the back, but also that the driver doesn't waste time trying to locate items in the back of the van. Accessories with multiple storage possibilities save time, and saving time saves money.

Van Racking and Accessories Can Protect Belongings

Van racking and accessories can also save money by protecting the tools, materials and other equipment transported in the van. Secure and organised shelving and storage units prevent things bouncing around while the van is in motion, protecting against breakages and spills. Also, to protect valuable tools and equipment from theft, lockers and lockable tool boxes can be bolted to the floor of the van. Accessories like these can save money by drastically reducing the cost of tools or materials lost through breakage and theft.

Find Out More about Van Accessories

To find out more about the benefits of using van racking and accessories to customise a van or commercial vehicle, contact us at We’re specialists in internal van racking and all other kinds of time and money-saving van accessories.


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