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Your Van's Presentation Can Help Your Business

posted on 11 June 2014 | posted in Tips

Many tradespeople see their van as just one of many tools they use to run their business. It gets them from A to B, and it's also a mobile storage unit. All true, but your humble van can be more than that - it can also help present your business in a positive light.

One really clear example that stood out for me. I order a LOT of things online in my business. The means on any given day, I might have 5 or 6 individual courier vans arriving at my door. Sometimes it's a bigger company like DHL or UPS, but more often than not, it's freelancers. Most turn up on your bog-standard white van, some even turn up in cars. One, however, turned up in an immaculate, silver-coloured van, with crisp graphics on both sides of the van advertising the business. I chatted with the courier and asked him about his company as I hadn't really heard much about them (I'd assumed he was working for a big company) - he replied that it's not surprising as he's just a sole trader, working completely by himself.

His van was a great sales platform - big phone number and website displayed in a very attractive way, with a shiny silver background (the colour of the van). The wheel trims were dazzling, the entire van was polished and buffed up. The courier told me that most of his work comes from people who've seen his van. I said to him "actually, don't take this the wrong way, but it's not that hard to stand out amongst the other couriers that I hire when it comes to the vans and cars they drive". His reply was "exactly, and that's why I do it - it's not that hard to do, and the benefits are there to be taken".



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