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Van Shelves - Up your Storage Capacity

posted on 26 February 2010 | posted in

If you are thinking of upgrading to a van with a larger storage capacity it may be worth taking a second look at your existing van. Here is a guide to expending your current storage capacity with van shelves.

If you require extra storage space it may be cheaper to upgrade your storage solutions before investing in a bigger van. If your van is full of clutter you may be unaware of exactly how much space you have so the first step is to have a clear out. Once you have broken down the contents of your van into your work essentials you can get a better idea of the actual amount of storage space you require.

Boost your Storage Potential

One area of van storage you may not have considered is van shelves. If you have previously used only the floor of your van to transport your tools from A to B you will be surprised by the difference shelving can make. Van shelves allow you to utilise all of the available space in your van and can double your overall storage capacity. There are various shelving systems on the market today so do some research on the best system to suit your needs.

Basic VS Complex Van Shelves

Once you have decided that van shelves would benefit your business you are set with the challenge of deciding on a shelving system. There are a variety of options open to you from the most basic of van shelves to complex ones. If you are looking for an affordable storage solution basic steel van shelves will do the trick. Storage bins can be lined up along the shelves to hold your essential apparatus. Galvanised van shelves are more suited to those with a large volume of equipment to transport. Plywood shelves are a great option for those who require a higher level of organisation from their storage solutions. These types of shelves come with separate pigeon holes to categorise your tools.

Shop Online for Van Shelves

If you are looking for high quality van shelves you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for at Vanbitz. Vanbitz specialise in durable van shelving and storage solutions designed to organise your van interior. Contact us for more information on 01226 7099 11. Alternatively email us using the online contact form.

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