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Van Racking and Accessories: Making the Most of Your Four Wheels

posted on 3 January 2011 | posted in News

Transform your van into a mobile workstation with carefully chosen van racking and accessories.
Just bought a van? The next step, once the tax disk has been fixed to the window and the insurance has been sorted, is to properly equip it for the work you have in mind. If your new set of wheels is purely for the transport of bulky loads, you may wish to leave it unadorned.
But if you need to transport tools or precise supplies like so many skilled professionals – plumbers, electricians, builders, glaziers, roofers, and many others - appropriate van racking and accessories are a must.
Van Racking and Accessories: A Workstation on Wheels
Shelving, storage boxes, roof racks: all these and more will hugely increase the efficiency of your van. Van racking and accessories will make it so much easier to quickly and easily locate the tools you need. Shelves and boxes will enable you to carry more and they will also help you present a much more professional appearance to customers. A jumble of rusty metal and cardboard boxes in the back just isn’t a good look!
The van is the road warrior’s vehicle of choice. Anyone whose trade or job takes them to multiple locations outside the comfy confines of an office needs a van and well made vans do not disappoint. They have never been glamorous but vans are robust and sturdy vehicles, built for a working life of hard work and honest toil.
The van
The word van began as an abbreviation of ‘caravan’, a termwhich originally meant a covered vehicle.
Vans as we know them today were developed after the Second World War by such leading manufacturers as Volkswagen, with its Volkswagen Bus, and Ford. The Ford Transit has been the best selling light commercial vehicle in Europe for 40 years and is a true van icon.
Think of the ‘White Van Man’ of media legend: a forthright and proud representative of a trade, with supposedly stereotypical political and social views. What van does he drive? A white Ford Transit.
Perhaps the ultimate icon of van culture was the Volkswagen Transporter, popularly known as the ‘Bus’. Classic models from the 1950s and 60s are still highly prized by collectors.
Looking for Van Racking and Accessories?
Visit Vanbitz for the UK’s largest selection of van racking and accessories. Vanbitz are a van accessory specialist – and proud of it!


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