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Van Racking and Accessories Help Improve Vehicle Safety

posted on 29 October 2010 | posted in News

Van Racking and Accessories Help Improve Vehicle Safety

Van racking and accessories could help improve your vehicle safety when you select high quality shelving and fixed parts to store and secure your equipment without risk of injury during transit.
Whatever trade you are in, if you use a van you will know how easy it is for your equipment and cargo to move around during transit. This can be particularly dangerous, especially if you have no safety guard between the driver and passenger seats and the storage area. If your company has not fully equipped their vans with these safety features, you could be held liable and responsible should one of your staff succumb to injury as a result of poorly secured equipment and cargo. As a result, more and more people are investing in van racking and accessories to help improve safety and protect their workforce during transit and general travel.

Store and Secure with Van Racking and Accessories
If you work with tools and equipment that could be dangerous when your vehicle is in motion, it is likely that you will require a strong van racking and accessories system that can store them safely whilst in transit. From heavy tools like hammers to pins and nails, galvanised van shelving can be bolted to the inside of your vehicle to minimise movement during travel. That way your equipment and accessories are stored securely in a rack that is custom fitted to your vehicle.
If you are carrying awkwardly shaped equipment, like ladders that will not fit in your van, a van racking system can be secured to the top of your vehicle. From roof racking to side racks, many van owners utilise the plethora of storage designs that come with advanced racking systems. Lightweight van racking and accessories can be used to minimise wind resistance on the top of your vehicle and safely carry difficult loads without drag.

Search Safer with Organised Shelving
If you travel between customers then it is likely that you will need to transport your tools and equipment with you. Not only do van racking and accessories prevent the movement of dangerous objects during transit, but their organised shelving and drawers ensure you can quickly and safely find the items you are looking for. With deep pockets and numerous dividers, you can keep wires, screws and other equipment separate from each other. Additionally, should you have sharp objects like blades or knives; they can be stored under plastic see-through lids that can help prevent injuries by knowing exactly what is in which box.

If you are looking for high quality van racking and accessories, you can find a range of products and services with Vanbitz. Our racking and shelving equipment can help you safely secure your tools of the trade. To find out more about our extensive range of specialist van equipment, browse our collection of van racking and accessories online today.


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