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Van Racking and Accessories – Trading Up

posted on 1 September 2010 | posted in News

According to industry bodies, a skills shortage could put tradesman in demand. It’s time to invest in bespoke van racking and accessories and get your trade on the road.

Having a professional tradesman’s van complete with bespoke van racking and accessories is the ideal way to get your business on the right track. If you are a skilled tradesman, or thinking of training as one, then this could be an opportune time to meet growing consumer demand. According to recent figures from vocational trainers, City & Guilds, more students are opting for practical skill-based courses such as plumbing and electrical installation.

Van Racking and Accessories for the Professionals

Finding a reliable tradesman, whether it be a plasterer, plumber or painter, is like gold dust for many homeowners. The cowboy culture highlighted in TV shows such as Rogue Traders and Watchdog has made all of us super sensitive to the perils of being ripped off or tradesmen who leave you worse off than you began. A well equipped van, complete with van racking and accessories, is all part of a tradesman’s image and reputation. Just as the interior decor and condition of an office speaks volumes to potential clients, a professional van inspires confidence and trust. It’s never been more crucial to ensure your business’s reputation is solid. According to City & Guilds, the UK is becoming ‘a nation of electricians’ as almost 100,000 students signed up for courses in 2009, with plumbing and construction courses also experiencing a boom. For those who want to stand out from the crowd, it’s all about offering a genuinely professional service that offers value for money.

Get Ahead of the Competition

Some believe the move into such practical trades is down to the students seeking out job opportunities in an increasingly tough job market; plumbers, electricians and other such trades have traditionally experienced a shortage in the UK as an emphasis has been placed on higher education. However, high university fees means more young people are becoming more entrepreneurial realising that there is more financial opportunities setting up skill-based businesses or working in a self employed capacity. For those who are wondering if they should be investing in a van with bespoke van racking and accessories so they can take their trade on the road, or if higher education is more lucrative, it’s worth considering the recent view of one industry body, the Electrical Contractors’ Association. The ECA’s president Diane Johnson recently told the press that there was a dire need for more skilled tradesman, she said: “We are sitting on a ticking time bomb. If we don't act now, we will not have the home-grown talent needed to fulfil this country's potential.” She added: “When we are no longer able to call on a qualified electrician, plumber or joiner, for example, to carry out essential work in our homes and businesses, because they are in such short supply, it will be too late.”

Are you a professional tradesman looking for van racking and accessories?

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