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Van Racking ? Secure your Supplies

posted on 12 March 2010 | posted in

If you?re carrying equipment or supplies on your roof, you?ll need secure van racking.

Whatever your business, you can?t carry it out effectively if the equipment you need gets damaged. For many small businesses, fitting quality van racking is important because it helps you to load and unload quickly and easily, whilst also keeping everything secure when you?re on the move.

Replacing your Van Racking

Whether you?re fitting out a new van or replacing old racking, it makes sense to take stock of what you need and how you use your equipment so that you can buy the best racking system for your needs. When you?re choosing new van racking, think about:

? Fit ? obviously, the racking system you choose needs to fit your van. Many racking systems are universal, so they will fit the roof of any small van, but it?s always worth checking before you buy, so that you don?t come across any problems once your racking is delivered.

? Fastening ? you need to be confident that your new van racking has a good quality fastening and locking system so that whatever you?re carrying on the roof is secure whilst you?re driving ? and at any speed. Look for secure locks and anti-theft devices if you?re particularly concerned about security.

? Weight distribution ? it?s important that you can spread the weight of your load across the roof of your van. Racking is designed to help you carry larger or heavier objects safely, and quality systems will ensure that the weight is evenly distributed, making your van safer to drive and the things you?re carrying more secure.

? Efficiency ? adding van racking and equipment to the top of your vehicle can have an effect on fuel efficiency. Smarter racking is designed to minimalise drag so that you can be as fuel efficient as possible. Lighter weight racking can also help you to reduce the problems that carrying items on your roof can bring.

? Side racking ? do you need side racking in addition to fitting out the roof? If so, you need to make sure that you choose lightweight, well-made van racking that will carry equipment or supplies safely and without compromising the weight and drive of your van. Never overload roof or side racking or your van will become unstable.

Van Racking at VanBitz

At VanBitz we can help you to find the perfect racking for your van, no matter what you?re looking for. All our systems are lightweight, but also give you secure storage, great weight distribution and excellent value for money. Check out the racking on our site and buy online today, or call us on 01226 709911.

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