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So You Want to Start a Man and Van Business

posted on 25 April 2014 | posted in Tips

The "man and van" business model is a good one - there's actually very little overheads involved, especially if you operate only locally. It will require you to be fit and strong, but that's no bad thing - the job itself can help get you into shape anyway.


But what's needed to get such a business up and running?

A Van
Of course, you can't be a man and van business without a van! Choosing a van will depend on the kinds of jobs you're willing to do. Big moves? You'll need a big van. No customer of yours will entertain you having to do several trips in a small van. However, if you're only targeting smaller jobs, a smaller van will suffice.

Goods in Transit Insurance
This protects you AND the customer if any breakages occur, and/or you get involved in an accident. It's a selling point that should put prospective new customer's minds at ease.

With a van, and your insurance, you now need to tell people about your business. Word of mouth, an ad in the local paper, or GumTree, or Craigslist, or even Google Adwords are good ways to market your business.

A Helping Hand
Some jobs will require two people to shift things. You COULD ask your customer to help you with the bigger items, and offer a discounted rate if they're happy to do so. However, it can be a little awkward, especially if someone is hiring you because they simply don't want to do the heavy lifting. This is where it's wise to have someone reliable you can call upon to help out on those heavier items.

Competitive Rates
Look at what the competition charge. You don't need to charge the same, or even less than them - it's just good to know what the general rate is. You COULD charge more, but offer a better service (faster, more thorough).

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