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Making the Most of Your Van Time

posted on 27 March 2014 | posted in Tips

Van time - the time spent in your van, of course! - can take up a considerable amount of the working week. If you add it up, you could easily be looking at 4 or 5 hours of driving time throughout the working week.

Van time doesn't have to be "dead time". In fact, it's often the rare time of the day where you have very few distractions and you can really use that time to think and plan. I use my drive to wherever my work is to plan ahead. If it's a quote I'm about to give, I anticipate and plan the potential job in my head as much as possible. In fact, sometimes my thinking has lead me to many a layby as I realise potential issues that I really need to be prepared for, and I might well make notes too. After all, there's nothing worse than trying to give a quote "on the hoof" with an expectant potential client demanding prices and deadlines. Anticipation and planning is everything and you can use your van time to prepare yourself mentally. During those times, I never have the radio on as it's simply a distraction.

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