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How Tempting Is Your Van to Thieves?

posted on 8 April 2014 | posted in Tips

Theives are getting evermore sophisticated when it comes to vans. The modern thief isn't really all that interested in the common-or-garden tradesman van (don't take offence) - he wants the tools and materials in the back of it.
I know a lot of tradesman that keep their tools and materials in their van overnight. I can't blame them as it's a pain to take out all of your gear each and every night for security reasons. However, if you can't keep your van in a secure lock-up, then it's definitely worth considering travelling "light" with tools and materials for each given job. How many tools do you REALLY need for your current job? The lighter you travel, the easier it is to unload at night and reload the next day.

Having your van broken into doesn't just mean a loss of tools and materials, it likely means a lost day of work sorting out replacements.

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