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Do you really need a 4x4 Van?

posted on 21 May 2012 | posted in Reviews

The new Citroen Dispatch 1200 XTR+ enhanced traction van ( 4x4 ?)

The new Citroen Dispatch 1200 XTR+ enhanced traction van is the latest addition to the company's LCV range. The 1200 kg payload, three-seat Dispatch XTR+ provides an effective solution to a wide range of on/off-road transport requirements without the significant operational limitations and increased costs of a conventional 4x4 vehicle. Citroen has launched the new Citroen Dispatch 1200 XTR+ van to meet the requirements of public utility companies as well as those involved in forestry and agriculture. Customers in these sectors require a certain degree of off-road capability from their light vans. But, as their vehicles spend most of their working lives on-road, these customers require off-road capability to be achieved without any increase in operating costs or compromise of on-road performance and safety. Priced from 17,445 + VAT the new Citroen Dispatch 1200 XTR+ enhanced traction van is the only van of its type available in its sector.

Great van for the building sites!!!

The new model is based on the Dispatch 2.0HDi 120hp L1H1 van, with few new additions. A key component in the new Citroen Dispatch 1200 XTR+'s enhanced off-road capability is its multi-plate FAM Reinforced Traction limited-slip differential. In slippery, off-road conditions this differential automatically apportions up to 75% of the engine's torque between the two driving wheels without any input from the driver. The ability to automatically transfer the majority of the available torque from the driving wheel with the least grip to that with the most grip, greatly enhances off-road performance. To complement its enhanced off-road capability the new Citroen Dispatch 1200 XTR+ has 30mm more ground clearance which has been achieved through the use of heavy duty suspension and Michelin Agilis S-I 215/60 R16 tyres, which provide the optimum combination of both off and on road grip. The Dispatch 1200 XTR+ also has strategically positioned underbody and engine protection. Enhanced traction and higher ground clearance enables the new Dispatch 1200 XTR+ van to deliver the improved off-road capability that its target customer base requires. But, retaining its two wheel drive configuration, the Dispatch 1200 XTR+ van ensures that this improved off-road capability is achieved without compromising its on-road characteristics and without the higher capital cost, weight and running costs associated with 4x4 vehicles. Robert Handyside, Citroen's commercial vehicle operations manager, said: "The new Citroen Dispatch 1200 XTR+ van significantly expands the appeal of this versatile International Van of the Year 2008 range. "It also offers higher payload capability than most 4x4s, as well as greater load security/weather protection and three-way load accessibility. "As such we have just received our first large Dispatch 1200 XTR+ order from a major utility company, which is a good indication that this unique Citroen LCV will have considerable appeal in its target market."

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