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Consider Roof Racking for Your Van

posted on 5 March 2014 | posted in Tips

If you're a tradesman, you've probably accounted for every square inch of space in the back of your van. Whether it's an organized system or just an organized mess, there will be a place for all of your tools and materials.

But what about OUTSIDE your van? What of the roof and sides? The roof is the easiest place to start - with roof racks.

Roof Racks for Your Van
Firstly, don't be put off by any kind of notion that installing roof racks is a difficult task. It should take minutes to install a roof rack to your van. Most instructions will tell you exactly how long it should take, so always make note of that before making your purchase.

When thinking about which type of roof rack to buy, you'll need to talk to vendors - tell them the kinds of items you want to store on your roof - how often you'll be loading and unloading the rack.

You can get rollers for your rack, meaning you can literally slide on and off your cargo - very handy if you're carrying heavy and bulky loads.

Do You Own a Tall Van?
The roof may be awkward to get to if you own a tall van. In which case, consider installing a ladder at the back of the van - making access to the roof a lot easier.

Do You Work With Pipes?
A pipe carrier is ideal for you if that's the case. These are also easy to install.

Roof Racks - Not So Fuel Efficient!
The downside to roof racks is that they ruin your van's aerodynamic shape, leading to higher fuel costs. Therefore, you definitely want to consider buying a roof rack that's super-easy to add and remove, because you'll want to remove the rack when it's not in use.

Talk to an Expert
A good vendor will look out for your best interests. They'll ask you about your van make and model, and the kinds of items you'll want to load onto the roof rack, to ensure your roof can support the weight of such items. Talk to a number of vendors and do your research before finally making your purchase.


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