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A Look at Temperature Control for Your Van

posted on 25 June 2014 | posted in Tips

Ventilating and controlling the temperature of your van helps prevent the following situations:-

  • In the colder winter months condensation turns the back of the van into a beautiful melody of plink, plink plonk as the condensation drips all over the carried load.
  • In the summer heat builds and builds because the air cannot be replaced. Very dangerous if you are responsible for transporting animals such as a vet might do.
In the latter situation, just having a roof vent won't actually allow you pump cooler air back IN to the vehicle. You'd need to have fitted both a wind-driven roof vent and floor vent to create the situation where air can be extracted while wind-driven cooler air can come back in through the floor.

Furthermore, some gases are heavier than air and therfore drop to the floor, making it very hard for roof vents to succsefully extract the gas.

You might consider electric vents, but beware that they can easily flatten your battery when your motor's not running - this happens incredibly often and is one of the most common reasons why a van finds its battery flat.

Have a look at our own ventilation options and see which one's best for you.

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