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3m Ladder Cassette

163.62  (196.34 inc. VAT) quantity:  
Gaining access to a van's roof can be dangerous and problematic...

Even with a fixed rear door loading ladder access will only granted to the rear of the van. Certainly if the van is hired or leased the supplying leasing company will not thank you for drilling holes in their van to fix a ladder.

So what's the answer?

Our Ladder Cassette will detach and therefore allow access all way around the van. When not required it simply slides and locks away into its Cassette holder on top of the van's roof.

Produced from high grade aluminium it will not rust, giving years and years of long service. So as the years roll by you can keep on swapping this ladder to the new van time after time.

Supplied at a maximum length of 3 metres this will offer grade access to the tallest vans. It can also be cut down to suit smaller vans.

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Price: 163.62 (196.34 inc. VAT)

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