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1kg Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher

26.80  (32.16 inc. VAT) quantity:  
Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers Class A, B and C fires.

Standard or Multi-Purpose Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers are safe to use on most kinds of fire, (Class A, B and C). That is fires caused by petrol, oil, fat, paint, solvents, grease, propane, butane and natural gas, as well as electrical equipment.

The effect of the powder is to inchknock downinchthe flames and it is best for fires involving flammable liquids or gases. Standard powders work well only on burning liquids, however the multi-purpose type is more effective on other types of fire, especially on burning solids.

A universal product

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Price: 26.80 (32.16 inc. VAT)

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