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Van Lighting

Lights, Beacons, Buzzers, Switches, etc. etc....

Here you will find electrical accessories suitable for vans. Interior van lights, Amber warning beacons, Light bars, Reversing bleepers and buzzers.

Sub-categories: Interior Lights |  Rear Lights |  Side Markers |  Warning Lights |  Work Lights | 
Directional Work Light (Rectangular) Directional Work Light (Rectangular)

This van work lamp can be bolted to any van making it very universal. It can twist and tilt to any position. An intergral switch in the handle makes operating e...

34.18  (41.02 inc. VAT)
Van Lighting
Amber Warning Beacon Amber Warning Beacon

A 163mm high rotating amber warning beacon producing 150 FPM and only using a single bolt to secure A rubber seat ensures the body doesn't chafe the vans body w...

46.40  (55.68 inc. VAT)
Van Lighting
Low Profile LED Exterior Alloy Work Light (6003/001) Low Profile LED Exterior Alloy Work Light (6003/001)

A discreet and low profile LED Work light that can be fitted under most van roof racks. Standing only 45mm high it offers exceptional lighting. Banging out 1150...

37.50  (45.00 inc. VAT)
Van Lighting
54 54" Warning Light Bar with WAVE!!

When you need the world to know, this light bar will smack 'em straight in the face! Measuring 54" long (1372mm) with two extreme mounted rotating beacons mutip...

688.08  (825.70 inc. VAT)
Van Lighting
48 48" Light Bar (Stop/Tail/Indicator/Illuminated Centre)

A 48" (1212mm) amber warning light bar fitted with high level brake light, tail light, directional indicators and an illuminated centre. A sign written is avail...

523.66  (628.39 inc. VAT)
Van Lighting
48 48" Light Bar (Work Lights and Illuminated Centre)

48" (1212mm) amber Warning Light Bar complete with work lights and illuminated centre. As an option the illuminated centre can be supplied with a sign writing o...

522.77  (627.32 inc. VAT)
Van Lighting
48 48" Light Bar with Illuminated Centre

48" (1212mm) amber warning light bar with two extreme rotating halogen lights multiplied by split mirrors. An illuminated centre which as the option of sign wri...

270.90  (325.08 inc. VAT)
Van Lighting
48 48" Xenon Light Bar with Illuminated Centre

This 48" (1212mm) light bar has xenon low voltage lights. So if you if you need to leave high visability on for several hours then you need to know that your ve...

362.25  (434.70 inc. VAT)
Van Lighting
39 39" Light Bar with Illuminated Centre

A 39" (1000mm) amber warning light bar c/w Illu-Centre for waring sign. Two Halogen rotating beacon with split mirrors produces high intensity warning lights. T...

387.83  (465.39 inc. VAT)
Van Lighting
29 29" Amber Warning Light Bar with Illuminated Centre

A 29" (742mm) amber warning light bar. Two extreme rotating halogen lights are magnified with split mirrors. An illuminated centre can be optional sign written ...

330.63  (396.76 inc. VAT)
Van Lighting
16 16" Mini Light Bar

A 16" (400mm) Mini Amber warnig light bar/beacon. Fitted with two halogen light modules and magnified with a split mirror. Standing only 142mm high. SIngle bolt...

120.07  (144.08 inc. VAT)
Van Lighting
Magnetic Amber Warning Light Beacon Magnetic Amber Warning Light Beacon

A magnetic mounted beacon comes with 12v cig plug can be used on a now and then basis. A rotating halogen light module giving 150FPM No installation process is ...

59.48  (71.38 inc. VAT)
Van Lighting
Xenon Strobe Beacon Xenon Strobe Beacon

A xenon strobe flashing beacon has a very low current drain ensuring your vehicle will still start after long use. A high intensity lens will magnify the flash....

50.13  (60.16 inc. VAT)
Van Lighting
Magnetic Xenon Beacon Magnetic Xenon Beacon

This magnetic xenon strobe beacon has been tested up to speeds of 70mph. One of the highest in its class. Using xenon technology ensures a very low current drai...

61.97  (74.36 inc. VAT)
Van Lighting
Covert Warning Light (Quad Flash) Covert Warning Light (Quad Flash)

A very compact and low profile covert warning light. 42 individual high intensity LED lights are housed in die cast aluminium case with a polycarbonate lens. 4 ...

24.96  (29.95 inc. VAT)
Van Lighting
Directional Work Lamp (Round) Directional Work Lamp (Round)

A universal work lamp that can be bolted anywhere. With its flexible bracket it will allow this van light to twist and pivot to any angle. A polycarbonate lens ...

29.97  (35.96 inc. VAT)
Van Lighting
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